About Us

Founded in 2017

starcopter was founded with the goal of developing a family of electric driven unmanned aerial systems (UAS) with worldwide leading performance characteristics regarding efficiency, safety and functionality.

Our team, including experts with extensive know-how of Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Engineering, mechatronics and computer science, is following a multi-pronged approach that entails highly innovative developments in the fields of air safety and safeguarding against failure, efficiency and energy-management, automatic control technique, lightweight construction, modularity and functionality.


starcopter is a beneficiary of WIPANO – „Wissens- und Technologietransfer durch Patente und Normen“, a funding programme of BMWi.

We sincerely thank the project management organization Jülich GmbH as well as the BMWi for their consultancy and support.


starcopter is officially a member of the Autodesk Technology Impact Program and has been awarded with an Autodesk software donation.

Equipped by their powerful software we are confident to display ingenious engineering solutions.

We hereby thank the Autodesk team and we hope in collaboration with all the members of this community we can advance our species to a brighter, more robust future.