It’s time for

a new ERA.

We work with heart, head and passion on our product. And we know the value of having each other.

starcopter is not just the name of a company. starcopter is the fusion of incredibly talented people who have kept their fire of passion for aviation burning for years. Only through the combination of these characters, it’s possible to accomplish the almost impossible. You don’t believe it? The proof for it has six arms and looks at the competition while hovering as they have to change batteries.

We are proud of

our Team

While others talk about flat hierarchies and short decision-making paths, we celebrate our successes, failures and lessons learned on Friday evenings at the office. We are not just a group. We are deeply grateful for the team we are.

Years of experience in aviation

Exceptional technical know-how

Abundance of courage to move mountains

Our team wants to grow. We welcome the exchange with the fascinated, interested, nerds, developers, users and skeptics. And even more, we welcome the exchange with people who can imagine doing something together.

                    A worldwide innovation? That's all you want?

If this statement doesn't scare you, but awakens your ambition and you'd love to get to work right away, we'd like to get to know you!

Achieving something together that we can all be proud of.

Whoever that hasn't been scared off by this point seems to like challenges. We have plenty of those. Plus good humor. Fun on the job. A culture of accepting mistakes that has played a major role in our success. And a job full of possibilities. 

Are you interested? Join us. 


Be one of us.

Feel free to contact us directly or use the contact form.

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