Effciency. Power. Flexibility.

It's time for a true

Work Beast.

Unmanned aerial systems are struggling. With poor performance, short flight times and unrefined concepts. That will soon come to an end. starcopter will unleash a work beast.

Our goal: An efficient, resource-saving flight system that has tremendous power and can withstand the tough demands of professional pilots in high-performance flights.

A Herculean task. And a great opportunity for a revolution across the industry.

What we have created: An adaptable and robust work tool that is looking around the world for his equal ...

… and can’t find it.


Other drones fail when they break an arm ...

… ours only if the pilot breaks his own arm.

We have rethought the best of proven UAS technologies and created concepts for a breakthrough flight platform. 

As a result, we achieve exactly what professional drone pilots and our clients need: Reliability. Payload Capacity. Robustness. Versatility.

And since there is hardly anything worse for a professional than the downtime of his work equipment, we have prepared our product to remain operational even in extreme situations. With unique "regenerative capabilities".

World leading payload capacity and flight time in its class

A battery system worthy of the word high-performance

An indulging smile for tough missions

We can hardly wait, to show our product to you.

We are working at full speed to bring our product to the market.

No one gets it better than us if you’re already curious. Are you interested in our work and want to know more? Get in touch with us!

Even the most robust system made of the highest quality materials will reach its limits if something breaks. And that will happen. Nothing new for professionals.

                   Nothing is eternal – nothing is indestructible.

What's new is how we prepared our product for it: We are building a product to get the job done. To ensure that your project can be finished. That's exactly why we've prepared and optimized it for the worst-case scenario. "What breaks, grows back."


We say it the way it is: Starcopter is absolutely one of a kind!

Although our product has real USPs, our answer to the question "What makes starcopter so special?" is always the same: The Team. A small group of passionate pilots, engineers, tinkerers and brave pioneers.

A challenge with goals that have not yet been achieved worldwide? That doesn't discourage our team. It only drives us forward. Relentless drive to solve impossible problems is the reason why our achievements together are possible to begin with.

Are you curious?


CEO with years of UAS experience in his blood. One half of starcopter's strategic direction.


The second half of the company's strategic direction. He’s the clear mind for ambitious goals.


Long time veteran in drone business, helping us introduce our beast to the world.


He uses his years long operator/pilot experience to make sure our customers can get their job done.


Our CTO. Always relaxed and sneaking through the office in barefoot shoes, he has the interaction of all technical disciplines under control.


Engineer, pilot and production manager. Whether in the construction process, production or in the sky - no detail, no matter how small, escapes his keen eyes.


Mechanical solutions are his turf. Even the greatest challenges meet his dry humour before he overcomes them in a breeze.


Under the friendly surface lives a merciless stress tester. He makes sure that our product always runs like a charm.

Murtadha Bazli
Bin Tukimat

Passionate expert for Embedded Systems. He embeds his software smoothly into our PCBs.


Hardcore Software! He bends ones and zeros better than Neo bends the matrix, before the work beast comes to life.


The most reliable and trustworthy operations specialist any company can ask for.

With Some Rocket Fuel


Want to shake up the market?

Is there


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